Our story

Don Simon is a family restaurant that has been nurturing Italian and Japanese food traditions since 2013.

We put our heart into the food we prepare for you and great care is taken that your food would be delicious and good value.

We invite you to visit us in Žvērynas, on Kęstučio street, where coziness and home atmosphere merge.

We are pet friendly. There is a large outdoor terrace with heaters in the warm season.

Come and enjoy a gastronomic journey along the food heritage trails of Italy and Japan.Join us on a wine tour along the different regions of Italy, try Italian beer or Japanese choya.

We are not Italians, but having combined the good things of Italy with the diligence of Lithuanians, we are proud having served you for ten years.

There are no siestas, Don Simon is open every day of the week.
On the weekdays a soup of the day is offered.

Each of our mornings begins with the visits to the supermarkets and local food markets, where we carefully hand-pick every avocado, tomato, herbs and seasonal berries.

„We are sated but feel light!“ This is what our customers tell us every day and these words give us great strength and motivation to go on creating and achieving more.


Established in 2013

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The perfect oven for pizza with inclusive technology in the world

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Italian mozzarella and buffalo milk mozzarella with EU protected technological and place of origin.


Rise and wasabi from Japan


Flour for pizza and artichoke from Italy farmer